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Laser Treatments Herald Enhancements In Personal Appearance

Advancements in technology have made this one of the greatest generations to be a part of in terms of enhancing and maintaining one’s personal appearance. From laser hair removal to Photofacial treatments to acne scar treatment and beyond, the ability to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance is easily within reach. Advanced Aesthetic Laser Center is at the forefront of Scottsdale laser hair removal and facial rejuvenation facilities, and encourages you to familiarize yourself with the tools men and women just like you have engaged in the name of a healthier countenance.Scottsdale hair removal advocates know that laser hair removal The best and longest lasting way to rid oneself of excessive hair in unwanted places is with the Alex and Yag lasers. Laser hair removal is effective regardless of ethnicity or skin color, and best of all the process is easy and virtually painless. Will you feel anything? Probably, but most have compared it to a mild snap of a rubber band on your skin. Like we said, virtually painless! A grand total of five to six treatments every four to six weeks should completely smooth over problem areas and give unwanted hair its walking papers for good.
Blood vessels that are visible to the human eye that remain dialated is known as telangiectasia, Rosacea or spider veins. Often these vessels can be embarrassing for those forced to endure them. Usually they are found on the face or legs and three to four times more prevalent in women than in men, the good news is that they can often be faded, reduced, or even eliminated entirely with laser treatments. As with laser hair removal, reducing or eliminating visible veins is a process that will require a series of two to three treatments every six to eight weeks. The process itself is a quick procedure that has been compared to a hot rubber band snap. In other words, you’ll feel a little something but it’s entirely tolerable. A cooling device used during the procedure will alleviate whatever mild and temporary discomfort you may feel.Maintaining or recreating the youthful and healthy appearance you desire is as simple as accessing the technology at your fingertips. The good news is that that technology is advancing more and more every day. And if you’re still enduring unwanted hair or the occasional spider vein, the time may have come to stop enduring and start improving those problem areas once and for all.By:
Linda Biegert
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New Professional Makeup Tricks
Most of us just can’t wait to finally get out our summer clothing and start showing some leg...I’m sure you’ve all seen what I’ve been seeing: women in summer skirts with very white legs, sandals on “winter” feet, and a bunch of women (myself included) who are freezing cold, because the second there’s a little sunshine, we’re in short sleeves.I’m sure that you, as I, are passionate about beauty and personal image. I’m sure that you like to show your best side, but you're probably a little confused with the changing of the seasons. That’s why today I’ve decided to show you some tricks that we professionals & fashion stylists use to quickly and easily refresh our image and adapt to the new season. I promise that these tricks won’t leave you out in the cold!NEW TRICKS FOR BRINGING OUT YOUR BEST SELF-TANNERI admit, it’s still a bit of a mystery, and it is better to be white than orange. However, unless you spent your spring vacation on the beach, chances are that your skin is a little pale, even greenish looking, and a little color really brightens up anyone's face (and body).Self-tanners really will do the trick - you'll look phenomenal! However, there are some steps you should take to get the results you're looking for with your self-tanner.Here are some hints: • Exfoliate, but not with a horsehair glove or the like. Use an exfoliator that contains moisturizing oils. If you don’t, your skin will be very dry and the self-tanner won’t be absorbed evenly over your skin. • Make sure you’ve dried yourself off completely before application or you’ll get patchy results. • Choose a self-tanner suited to your skin. You can find products for light or dark skin. • If you have sunspots or if your upper lip tends to darken when you sunbathe, don’t use self-tanner on your face, because in most cases it makes the uneven pigmentation more obvious. • Choose a tanner made especially for the face, but if you apply the product correctly, the effect would be the same anyway. • Wash your hands well and let the product dry and be completely absorbed before you get dressed. • The first day after application, I recommend wearing dark-colored clothing. • To intensify your tan, apply an iridescent moisturizing lotion. You may want to put a touch of bronzing powder over your collarbone. My favorite self-tanner is: LAVERA SELF TANNING – SUN SENSITIVEThis is an ideal self-tanner for those of you who have sensitive skin that’s very pale, like I do. It is very natural-looking, it's odor-free, and it absorbs quickly. The ingredients are also 100% natural.It’s available from herbalists and organic stores.Another interesting brand is GLOW FUSION by Sephora. It comes in a spray, but it's fairly easy to use. The smell is not particularly pleasant, but it doesn’t last long.Available from Sephora If you’re in a hurry and on a budget, use Comodynes towelettes, sold in drug stores.GET HIGHLIGHTS A summertime face is always flattered by some face-framing golden or chocolate brown highlights (depending on your natural hair color). They will lighten your face and add a touch of sun, like you’ve just been to the Carribean.Another option is to use a color wash in the same shade as your hair to add natural-looking shine and fashion stylish.Of course, if you’re feeling bold, there’s nothing like changing your hair color to overhaul your image and feel like new. But before making any radical changes, make sure that your new shade goes with your style.MANICURE AND PEDICURE – WHAT TO DO? First of all, if you’re going to wear sandals, get a pedicure! If you can’t go to a salon, give yourself one at home, but avoid wearing sandals with unpainted toenails or without preparing your feet for the summer. My favorite colors are:For hands, the eternally stylish French manicure, and for feet, color and more color. Chanel has a new dark blue that is just beautiful, and the pink shades that Dior has put out are very sexy. I prefer colorful toenails and discreet fingernails.Once you’re a little more tanned, you can go for an orange enamel.CLOTHING: COLD, HOT… “WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?” Good question. Now is the time to take out those shirts with quarter-length or long sleeves, especially those in white. If you feel warm, roll your sleeves up to your elbow. Wear a straight pant and peep-toe sandals (you know, the shoes with the open toes), and you'll look fabulous. If you have a cardigan, you can wear it with almost anything… Wear it over a long or short-sleeved shirt, or even over one of those dresses that they’re showing so much again this summer, that you probably have from last season.Colored pashmina shawls are another article of clothing that can help you add a touch of color to your look, plus they can help keep you warm if it's chilly out. Choose one in fuchsia, yellow, green, or electric blue - it'll be super-flattering.A fine black leather or suede jacket can be a great go-to piece to pair with almost everything.

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