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How to Get Younger Every Day?

How to Get Younger Every Day? Aging is not very pleasant, but it is the only known way to live longer – Sent Beuve.
Excerpt from Dr. Max Sawaf’s new book "Anti-Aging Made Simple"
What is wrong with this picture? A person works hard all his life and saves money for retirement and plans trips around the world. But his plans are shattered when he gets the bad news that he has cancer or when he is struck by a heart attack. Even though he finally succeeds in quitting smoking, he will spend the rest of his life "not well" to say the least. He will be popping up all kinds of medicines with their terrible side effects: depression or impotence due to the anti-hypertensive medicines, insomnia caused by the anti-depressant or dry mouth and constipation due to anti-Parkinson drugs. That person walks with a cane after his recent hip fracture caused by osteoporosis. The same osteoporosis that made him shorter and gave him the hump. The hump is in fact caused by painless fractures of his spine. His vision deteriorated so badly that he can no longer enjoy TV, his only source of entertainment and news. When he reaches eighty year old he cannot recognize the date or place where he lives and at age 80 he loses his memory. He cannot even recognize his kids. He is totally dependent and is such a burden, his kids have to place him in a nursing home. With a picture like this who wants to get old? Imagine the same person but in total control of his health. He has been exercising for one hour a day for the last fifteen years, lifting weights and running on the bike. He is fairly muscular and enjoys eating his salads and his fruits. He has never touched a cigarette. He is still active running his business and refuses to retire. At age 85 he can be still pretty feisty and vigorously defends his views which he shares with his grandchildren. He travels independently and continues to drive his car. Now wouldn't you want to live to be his age? The two people have the same chronological age (85 years old) but vastly differ in what counts the most: their biological or real age. There are more than 46000 papers and articles looking at the way we age and how we can slow it down. The science is only ten years old but is very exciting. We have learned more in the last six years about aging than we have learned throughout history. Thousands of "anti-aging centers" have popped up in the USA and a lot more will find their way into the rest of the world. They are mostly run by endocrinologists (hormone specialists), some advocating giving growth hormones and testosterone replacement. Both treatments are controversial as the side effects could include a potential disturbance of the body’s delicate system and its ability to generate its own hormones and worse, acceleration of dormant cancers in the body. However, there are several strategies to stay healthy and fight premature aging. We shall review in the following chapter the safest and most effective ones.

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